Using ClO₂ On Tanks and Lines

ClO₂ sanitizes, deodorizes and removes serious organic and chemical fouling in the waste water and potable water tanks and lines within agricultural and horticultural environments and in recreational vehicles and boats.

STEP 1: Global Standard Cleaning Protocol

Determine total tank and line capacity to be sanitized and deodorized and how you will add your selected chlorine dioxide product to the tank system. Most ClO₂ in-place formats require that you first generate a ClO₂ fluid solution, prior to pouring it into the tank and line system opening.

ClO₂ can be generated in a standard 1 gallon container or bucket/pail. Once chlorine dioxide is generated, it must be ‘capped’ or put into the tank and line system as soon as possible.

Use pre-sized tablets as recommended by the Tank & Line Chart.

STEP 2: Refill Tank & Line System with ClO₂

Refill tank and line system with 20% of the total tank volume with water. Then add the required amount of ClO₂ liquid concentration.


STEP 3: Flush and Rinse

30 minutes later, flush and quick rinse the system. Leave CLO₂ in tank system overnight for aggressive and remedial issues. Longer Treatment Period = Better Results.

STEP 4: Solution Through Lines

Run the Solution through all the lines (faucet, shower and outlets) until tank is empty.

STEP 5: Additional Flush

The following rinse steps are not required but recommended. Refill the tanks with rinse water to approximately 20% of tank. Flush rinse water through all the faucets and outlets until water storage tank is empty.

Tanks and its dispensing lines is now cleaned and can be refilled for use or left empty for storage.

See Tank & Line Generation Table above

How to Use Our Sanitizer

Simple to use and safe on your skin. You’re ready for a stronger, safer sanitizer. Now, you need to know how to use it. Our bulk sanitizer is simple to use and safe on your skin.

How our Sanitation process works

Our bulk sanitizer is not only effective in killing 99.9% of germs, it’s also easy to use. Our household kits make up to 25 gallons! Start disinfecting today with simple steps.

1. Putting Verisan

Simply put one drop of Verisan and 1 drop of activator into our complimentary, reusable mix container.

2. Wait

Set aside for 1 minute.

3. Fill with Water

Fill the rest of the container with water, and you’re ready to sanitize.

4. Start spraying

Find a surface you want to clean and spray your bottle a few times just as you would a normal cleaner. After a few seconds, wipe down and continue cleaning.

All done

Once an area is done, you can consider it disinfected!

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