It is crucial to have a reliable disaster recovery and cleanup partner who can oversee and manage your projects for quality control, cost management, safety procedures, and so on.

We can handle any size project, including biological and chemical decontamination. Exposure to these biological contaminants can lead to infectious diseases. Chemical decontamination includes meth lab cleanup, tear gas mitigation and oil and fuel clean up (interior). For biological and chemical threats, planning and preventive disinfection services are also available.


All of our crisis response, disinfection and renovation services are available at a fast and affordable price.



Clean Solutions™ assists public and private companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations, in reaching their full potential by leveraging analytics and real world experience to find solutions to complex situations.

Clean Solutions™ assists not-for-profit organizations and for-profit companies to reach their full potential. We use analytics and real-world experiences to help us find solutions to difficult situations.

We deliver sustainable and measurable strategies by working closely with you, your staff and your customers.

Organizations can be ahead of their competition by developing breakthrough strategies. We use a multidisciplinary approach that looks at opportunities holistically and uses a multidisciplinary approach.

We develop holistic strategies that combine the value proposition of the consumer with that of the company.
Untapped opportunities can be leveraged. Be a leader with your customer.

The Clean Solutions™ Business Retainer Program will be a great fit for the Business Owner looking for a business partner or an accountability coach. You will receive 2 hours of coaching per month and the support of an industry consultant to help you plan, strategize and grow your business.

You can get immediate help for employee issues, proposals, and other issues. Clean Solutions™ is just a phone call away. She will give you priority, VIP status, and the best seat in town.
Retainer clients receive special discounts on events and products.

Clean Solutions™ has years of experience in the construction industry and managed a company that was able to grow into a major player in our local market. Our knowledge can help you save literally thousands of dollars. Clean Solutions™ can assist you with the estimation, the pitfalls, and how to avoid losing money.

Clean Solutions™ is available to assist you with your cleaning service growth.

Clean Solutions™ has years of experience managing a regional cleaning service company with a residential division. This gives us the knowledge and skills needed to help any cleaning business develop and grow. Clean Solutions™ is able to help with everything from organizational structure to pricing, hiring, training, and managing staff.

It can be frustrating to hit a plateau. Clean Solutions™ can help you take your company to new heights by helping to implement systems and processes that will allow for growth. Are you ready to add a manager to your team? Clean Solutions™ will help you with the selection and training process.

It can be difficult to set new revenue goals. Are you not good at numbers? Clean Solutions™ will analyze your Profit and Loss Statement to find any gaps or profit drainers.

Clean Solutions™ expertise lies within the establishment of a successful regional residential and commercial cleaning company.

We can help you develop your commercial cleaning company, whether it is a startup or an established business. If commercial cleaning is not your core business, she can assist you in expanding into this area. Clean Solutions™ is your go-to for all things related to this industry, including bidding, estimating, staffing, management, and quality programs.

Clean Solutions™ can assist with creating a winning proposal, pricing the account for profit, and developing strategies to long-term employee recruitment and retention.

Are you looking for help in preparing a RFP or entering new markets? Clean Solutions™ is able to offer our industry expertise and experience to help you. Clean Solutions™ is available to provide expert guidance for the growth of your Commercial Cleaning Business.

Clean Solutions™ will visit your business for a small daily fee and expenses. Clients who have used this program love the personal attention and huge amount of knowledge they receive.

Our most valued and sought-after service is having an industry expert review your processes, systems, pricing, operations, people, and even go on estimating calls with. For pricing information, call today.
You’ll be happy you did.

Get Ready for the Future with Continuity Planning


Companies are now more at risk than ever.

Are you ready for the possible impacts on your business if your building becomes contaminated or damaged? Not only can disasters impact your ability to run your business, but also your ability to make decisions. Every minute of downtime can cost your business and your stakeholders. Making last-minute decisions during a disaster can increase recovery time and costs. Our emergency response and preparedness plan can be of assistance.

We will get you back in business as soon as possible to allow you to focus on your people, mission, and maintaining market share. We can help you recover quicker and better by working together to develop a plan that is tailored to your unique business needs.


Your business should not be another statistic.

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100% of businesdes are vulnerable to contamination.
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40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster.
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25% of those businesses fail within one year of reopening.

Our Back to Business Plan Packages

Any business that needs a basic recovery plan can benefit from the Standard package. Our Platinum plan is for businesses with multiple locations or who need customized plans. You can also add on additional options to enhance your plan.


Are you unsure which plan is right for your business? We can help you select the right plan for your company.

Pricing for Business Continuity Planning Services

Standard Response plan

(Starts at $50 per Month (plus setup))
$50 per month (plus setup)
  • Operational requirements assessment and planning
  • Standardized evacuation, disaster and emergency planning
  • Priority response over customers who are not in the program
  • 10% discount on unexpected emergency disaster relief services
  • Sign up is easy and only takes about 10 minutes

Platinum Package

(Subscription service starts at $250 per month)
$250 per month
  • All items included in the Silver Package plus:
  • Telephone support for plan administration
  • Annual plan review, update, integration and submission
  • An annual full-day activation training with exercises
  • Priority response in emergencies and disasters
  • Service rates discounted for IT, HR, and Property Recovery
  • Pre-paid annually to get 15% off

Gold Plan

(Starting at $5,000)
  • Everything included in the standard response plan
  • Personalized property risks and needs assessment
  • A customized emergency disaster response plan
  • Plan updates and site visits every year
  • Each facility/location will have its own site map
  • Special discounts on consulting and property recovery
  • A customized and simple-to-use business-continuity plan
  • Strategies for reduction of potential emergent risks
  • Half-day training and review of your plan on-site
  • Fully customized crisis response procedure training

Add-Ons and Options

(Starting at $39 per Month (plus setup))
$39 per month(plus setup)
  • Your current plan can be improved and updated
  • Additional plans customized to suit multiple locations
  • Additional telephone or on-site consultation
  • Text messaging and mass communication tools
  • Software app for business continuity with cloud storage
  • Mobile app development, integration and cloud storage
  • Each facility/location will have its own site map
  • Packages for equipment and generator standby
  • Packages for equipment and generator standby
  • Integration with existing business continuity plans
  • Audit your building to find hidden problems
  • Fully customized crisis response procedure training
  • A higher credit limit for our disaster relief services
  • Plans that are contingent to your specification
  • For a faster response, pre-authorized services can be mobilized

We offer many different types of emergency damage and restoration services. We want to help you protect the business you have worked so hard to build. We provide quick solutions to disasters so you can focus on your mission, people and reputation.

Business continuity planning is designed to help an organization be more resilient in the face of any kind of disaster. This plan contains critical information and procedures that allow the business to continue operations and recover from unplanned disruptions.

After the plan is finalized, we will review it together to ensure that everything meets your requirements. If you need assistance with implementation and training, we can help.

These programs range from simple retainer-based programs to high-end, no-cost options. All options offer priority response to clients in the case of regional disasters like hurricanes. There are many additional add-ons and benefits that can help you get back in business too. All services, including commercial water damage restoration and fire damage mitigation, as well as biological and chemical decontamination, can be provided immediately.

It is easy to get started. To better understand your company’s priorities, we start with basic information such as your building and operational requirements. We then work together to create a customized response plan for you.

Our Get Back to Business Plan was created to assist companies in recovering quickly from property damage or contamination. We now offer complete business continuity plans. We use the most current industry standards and are experts in the Business Continuity field. We provide turn-key solutions that help you identify and plan for the recovery of your business if they occur.

Our business continuity planning service is available as part of our Back to Business Planning. It can help you prepare your business for any kind of disaster. To help your business recover from any type of disaster or property damage, we will create a customized business continuity plan.

We will help you determine the risks that your business faces, how likely they are to occur, and what the potential consequences for your company, your people, or your technology. We will talk about common risks like loss of key personnel, cyber-security issues, vandalism, and fires. We can also assist you in identifying risks specific to your business. The biggest threat to your business, for example, is a prolonged power outage or water loss that prevents you from operating critical equipment.

After determining what could happen and what impact it might have on your company, it is time to identify your mission-critical functions. What are mission-critical roles? The survival of any organization depends on mission-critical functions. Business operations can be seriously affected if mission-critical functions are unavailable or fail. These may include your business processes, assets and employees as well as vendors and vendors. They are essential to your company’s ability to fulfill your mission, maintain market share, and continue operations.

These mission-critical functions are essential to developing a business continuity plan. We will discuss the most important functions that you use every day, as well as the protocols and timeframes you have in place to ensure they are available. Do you have specialized equipment that is essential to your operations? Do you have a backup generator in case you lose power? Is anyone in your company familiar with how to use the generator? How would this affect your business?

We will help you understand the risks and potential impacts of these events on your business. Then we will create a plan to assist you in responding to these events. We will develop detailed procedures for disaster response and determine the resources required based on worst-case scenarios. Additionally, we will devise mitigation strategies to minimize the effects of an event. To ensure that the correct information is received by the right people, we will also create communication protocols, including contact lists for key stakeholders and vendors.

We can create a plan that will be a benefit to your business by working with you and our experts in different fields like property restoration, public relations and risk management. Clean Solutions Disaster Recovery can help your company use our plan to get you Back in Business quickly if you find yourself in one of these situations.

Planning for business continuity is an ongoing process. It’s not something you can do only once. It is important that your business regularly reviews and practices its plan. These exercises can be moderated to help you evaluate and practice the plan. An audit should also be done every time the plan is used in real-life situations to assess its effectiveness and identify ways it could be improved.

All of our crisis response, disinfection and renovation services are available at a fast and affordable price.


Clean Solutions™ offers specialized training through both national and independent companies. We can create certified restorers by sending our specialists to OSHA and IICRC and other nationally recognized courses. These commercial restorers can then specialize in different areas.


  • • OSHA 10/30 Safety in commercial buildings
  • • OSHA Disaster Site Workers – Working in disaster areas
  • • IICRC – Water Damage Restoration
  • • IICRC – Applied Structural Drying
  • • IICRC – Commercial Drying Specialist
  • • IICRC – Master Water Damage Restorer
  • • Recognizing and eliminating hazards at work
  • • Environmental Protection Agency Mold Course
  • • ISSA Cleaning and Disinfecting for the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)
  • • ISSA NORMI Certified Mold Remediator (CMR)
  • • GBAC STAR Facility, Service and Fundamental Accreditation
  • • The science behind drying with psychrometry
  • • Construction of commercial buildings
  • • Safety, power distribution and temporary generator setup
  • • Industrial desiccant dehumidifier set-up
  • • Controlling a drying environment in a commercial setting
  • • Aerial Platform Training
  • • Large Loss Certification

All of our field workers are trained on a standard set of best practices and proprietary cleaning methods. Safety compliance is also a priority.

We offer group informational and awareness sessions about topics such as coronavirus awareness, disaster preparedness, chemical or biological contamination, bloodborne disease and personal protection equipment to help in times of emergencies. If you or your organization is interested in having our company provide educational awareness seminars for your public conference or private safety program, please contact us at

CBRNE. CBRNE is a hazardous waste operation and emergency response situation that requires decontamination training for all companies. Clean Solutions™’ decontamination team receives this training. We follow the OSHA HAZWOPER guide (29 CFR 1910.120(q).

We also, as required by law, provide all employees with appropriate levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) under the HAZWOPER standard (29 CFR 1910.120(q)) sub part 1. The PPE used depends on how hazardous the substance release is, which includes the quantity and potential health effects to workers. Workers involved in decontamination work should also have proper immunizations including Tetanus A and B.

CBRNE. CBRNE is a hazardous waste operation and emergency response situation that requires decontamination training for all companies. Clean Solutions™’ decontamination team receives this training. We follow the OSHA HAZWOPER guide (29 CFR 1910.120(q).

We also, as required by law, provide all employees with appropriate levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) under the HAZWOPER standard (29 CFR 1910.120(q)) sub part 1. The PPE used depends on how hazardous the substance release is, which includes the quantity and potential health effects to workers. Workers involved in decontamination work should also have proper immunizations including Tetanus A and B.

A qualified vendor should be able produce these documents on-site, if required.

OSHA – Employee Safety

  1. Training and compliance for bloodborne pathogens
  2. *Written exposure control program
  3. *Use and training in the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  4. *Hazard assessment, communication training and SDS compliance
  5. Training that is job-specific: hearing safety, fall protection, back safety and power tool safety.
  6. Training and compliance in respiratory protection
  7. Training in heat illness risk management, which includes on-site heat stress level testing
  8. Hepatitis B vaccinations

EPA & State Environmental Agencies – Environmental Safety

  1. *State-specific license medical waste generator
  2. EPA RRP Lead Paint certified
  3. Asbestos-compliant: (1) Does not disturb asbestos-containing materials in its process; (2) Is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor
  4. License for medical waste transporter, if applicable
  5. If applicable, contract with a licensed company for medical waste disposal
  6. Ongoing medical waste handling/transporting and process training
  7. Vehicles with hazardous placards

Industry’s Best Practices – Standard Procedures

  1. Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the cleaning and disinfection processes
  2. Biohazard remediation requires the use of specially designed chemicals
  3. Referrals from customers that are valid
  4. Training facility for employees
  5. Background checks for employees
  6. Random drug testing and pre-employment screening
  7. Employees have clean driving records
  8. Subcontractors are not allowed
  9. Fully insured and bonded, with employee theft coverage
  10. Workers’ compensation insurance
  11. General liability commercial insurance
  12. Environmental liability insurance for contractors
  13. Vehicle insurance

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We want to help you protect the business. We provide quick solutions to disasters so you can focus on your mission, people and reputation.

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We want to help you with hazardous chemical spills or biological contamination and other events that can cause property damage.

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Having a trusted disaster recovery partner to oversee and manage projects for quality control, costs, and safety procedures can be crucial.

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Solving micro-organic issues is our speciality. We look forward to finding innovative ways to get and keep your businesses up and running.

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NCCA, ISSA & OSHA 29 CFR 1926 /1910 Certification & Training. We also provide customized and standardized crisis response classes for you and your employees.

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Your business can be cleaned and deodorized from top to bottom. Clean Solutions can be used to fog your business to disinfect all surfaces.

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For fast recovery, our restoration team can help. Our focus is not on immediate demolition but rather salvaging, remediation and restoration.
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Mold remediation requires eco-friendly deactivation, air filtering, physical debris removal and many other things we can help you with.
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Our goal is to make your indoor environment healthier and happier. You will notice better air quality, less odor, bacteria and viruses and mold.
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We want to quickly help you to get and keep your doors open, whether it is from storm damage or power outages, fires, floods, or contamination.
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Do you need a medical-grade cleaning solution? Use Clean Solutions medical grade products and services for a regular wipe down or fogging.

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Preparedness is better than waiting for disaster. You’ll be noticed by your customers and employees when you take extra care to protect them.
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Regular HVAC maintenance can significantly reduce dirty ductwork, filters with pollutants, while improving indoor air quality and productivity.
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For animal enclosures, in the greenhouse or in the field, we have sanitizing, disinfection and odor solutions for your crop, herd or harvest.
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Our commercial vandalism removal services are quick, efficient, and affordable. In no time, your property can be secure, safe and clean.
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Contact us today and see how we can help. Fast and affordable quotes for all of our disinfection, renovation and crisis response services.
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Before and after surface testing and certification is available for all of our services.

From business development and continuity planning To disaster preparedness and infectious disease control. We are available when you need us most, We are committed to building long-lasting partnerships and understanding your individual needs.

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All of our crisis response, disinfection and renovation services are available at a fast and affordable price.