Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?


Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?

Surface Sanitizer Our Chlorine Dioxide solutions have proven successful in treating some of the most challenging environments around the globe. Chlorine dioxide can be safely used on stainless steel, anodized aluminum, painted steel, paints, epoxy flooring, paints, gaskets, and electronics to disinfect and deodorize, killing over 220 different harmful microorganisms.

Highly touched surfaces (such as light switches, doors, knobs, desks, chairs, water fountains, and other common areas that receive a lot of traffic) should be targeted. No rinse is required because there are no toxic residues. The WHO recognizes chlorine dioxide as a safe sanitizer; Safe for skin contact for people and pets.

Corona killing power

Currently, the most important thing to look for in any disinfectant is if it can manage to kill this. If the answer is no, there is no sense in buying it, as the need of the hour is surface cleaners for coronavirus.

Encyclopedia of Food and Microbiology suggests that chlorine dioxide cleaner is a great antiviral disinfectant. A recent study published by Physiology International journal suggests that chlorine dioxide cleaner can be used as the first defense line against novel coronavirus.

This makes chlorine dioxide highly significant in the medical industry, according to new standards of safety set by this pandemic.
Safety index of chlorine dioxide cleaner
A therapeutic or preventive chemical is not utilized in the human environment unless its safety and toxic profile for humans has been proved. The international journal environmental research and Public health researched recently on the safety and efficacy profile of chlorine dioxide solution that proved it quite safe for use near humans.

Not only this, the FDA and USDA allow the use of a chlorine dioxide solution to disinfect the food processing plants. That shows how safe chlorine dioxide is to be used for disinfection.

Surface cleaning agent properties

The contact time that chlorine dioxide needs to perform its biocidal action is quite fast. This makes chlorine dioxide cleaner a great choice for making surfaces germ free immediately.

Like in this pandemic, we need to immediately clean our shoes and bags as soon as we enter a home. So such a surface cleaner makes it easier for us to stay safe.

Hospitals are hubs of germs and viruses, so they need to be disinfected again and again. Environmental Pollution journal published a research study showing how chlorine dioxide is a perfect surface cleaner for coronavirus in hospitals.

Wide PH range

All chemicals are effective at a certain pH or pH range. In the case of chlorine dioxide, the effective pH range is quite wide. The reason is that chlorine dioxide does not react with water. It can be used in various pH situations as a surface cleaner for coronavirus. This wide pH range makes chlorine dioxide more efficacious cleaner than other disinfectants.

It ensures that germs on any surface get killed regardless of acidic or basic medium.

Bottom line

Chlorine dioxide cleaner is a highly efficient surface cleaner for coronavirus. Due to its broad-spectrum nature, we can use it as a generalized disinfectant for domestic food processing plants, hospitals and other industries.

Due to its safety and efficacy profile, it is a great surface cleaning agent to be used in the human environment, as it has no toxic effects in a certain range of concentration.

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Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?

Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?

Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?

Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?ronavirus?

Is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaner effective for coronavirus?


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