Disinfection Services Cost

The COVID-19 Pandemic has our customers seeking commercial disinfection services more than ever. And with that, we have had the same questions asked hundred of times per week. What does disinfection services cost? This calculator will give you an idea of the cost of disinfection. Please note that this is not a formal estimate. Pricing is dependent on too many unknown factors and each facility is unique. To provide accurate estimates, we will need more information about your particular situation. Some questions we will ask include;

  • Type and frequency of current cleaning procedures
  • General housekeeping of facility
  • High traffic and common areas
  • Type of machinery in the facility
  • Ceiling heights
  • Flooring types
  • Frequency of service
  • Timeframe for completing service

If you have pictures or videos of the facility this will help us with the accuracy of the estimate. The more information we have, the more accurate our coronavirus decontamination cost will be.

Preventive Disinfection and Decontamination Cost Calculator

This calculator includes the cost of basic and preventive decontamination. It follows the current CDC guidelines for disinfecting facilities.
It does not take into effect excessive cleaning needed to apply disinfectant or potential mobilization charges depending on your location. If you are looking for a disinfectant application only, we may be able to provide that for you. Our commercial fogging services offer affordable and wide-scale disinfectant applications.

Beyond the CDC guidelines, extra services are available with disinfection upon request. From office disinfection to industrial decontamination, we have done it all. Our crews service most of the United States and we offer 24/7 emergency service. We can help you with getting and keeping your facility disinfected.

The cost of confirmed coronavirus decontamination is not reflected in this calculator. This calculator is for the estimated cost of preventive virus disinfection services only. If your facility has recent biological contamination our procedures are more intensive. Our positive decontamination services include items such as HEPA air filtration and extra personal protective equipment. This is for your safety as well as ours.

Basic information about facility.

Let us know some details about your facility.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that this tool does not generate a formal estimate and in no way obligates Clean Solutions Recovery Solutions to perform services for this price. Every project is unique and has different requirements that may affect the pricing. This tool does not take into account all items such as mobilization, cleaning before disinfection if needed, etc. Your actual cost may be more or less than the price provided. Please contact our office to request a formal estimate.